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Couples Therapy

Life can be so much better with a strong relationship, but if things are not going well in your relationship it can be extremely painful and discouraging. If you want to decrease conflict, move beyond an impasse, express your needs and differences more effectively and learn new ways of connecting, feeling close, and collaborating, couples therapy can help.

I provide therapy to couples of all ethnicities, sexual and gender orientations and in all stages of relationship. In couples therapy we focus on what is happening between you right now as well as on important events from your histories that may be impacting the way you relate. Together we work to understand your needs and what is underlying your conflicts. In a safe space, we increase understanding and improve communication, leading to greater closeness and intimacy.

Couples therapy can be helpful with:

  • Feeling caught in a cycle of conflict and misunderstanding
  • Being in relationship but feeling alone
  • Getting stuck with past hurts and built up resentment
  • Finding it hard to feel like you are on the same team with your partner
  • Not being able to move the relationship forward toward shared goals

Please contact me at 415-272-9931 or email me at if you think couples therapy may be helpful to you and your partner at this time.